St Monica's RC High School

Bury Old Road, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 1JH

0161 773 6436

8am - 4pm, Mon - Fri

MFL Department

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Our Vision

As pupils study a foreign language they will acquire vocabulary and master grammar rules, in order to communicate clearly. Alongside this achievement they will develop a range of highly transferable skills making them more effective learners and tolerant and developed individuals. Pupils develop many skills over the five-year course. Due to the fact that MFL is a progressive subject, these skills are not confined to one year group alone, however these would be our key expectations at the end of each year.

Year 7 - Pupils are culturally aware and know that life and language is different in other parts of the world. They develop effective memory skills. Pupils develop an awareness of time frames.

Year 8 - Pupils can see and apply patterns and think logically about new and previously acquired language in order to develop grammar knowledge and widen their vocabulary. Pupils practice the formation of past, present and future timeframes.

Year 9 - Pupils can solve problems and can think of another way of doing or phrasing something. They are literate, communicating clearly in another language as well as their own and are increasingly open to new experiences and cultures. Pupils become more secure with the formation of past, present and future timeframes.

Year 10 - Pupils are able to multi-task, often managing several skills at the same time. They are capable of performing well under pressure. Pupils master the formation of past, present and future timeframes including irregular verb forms.

Year 11 - Pupils have highly developed listening skills, hearing the detail in communication. They are skilful communicators who value the importance of precision and accuracy. They are aware that having learnt a foreign language, they are able to use those skills to learn more languages. Pupils are able to communicate in all 4 skills with a robust knowledge of the past, present and future timeframes.

MFL Department