Welcome to the Science Department

Our department is made up of a team of specialist Science teachers with strong subject knowledge in the fields of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  We aim to deliver a broad and balanced science curriculum which means we teach Biology, Chemistry and Physics throughout both key stages. Students develop their disciplinary knowledge in Science through experimentation and investigation.

Curriculum Intent

High-quality science education provides the foundations for understanding the world through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. Science has changed and continues to change our lives; Science is vital to the world’s future prosperity. Pupils at St Monica’s will build up a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts, methods, processes and uses of science. Pupils are encouraged to recognise the power of scientific explanation and develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. Our pupils are taught to appreciate the beauty of God’s creations and share the idea that Science and Religion are not exclusive. Our learners will also be able to use these skills to help build a better future for the global community that they will serve.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum overview outlines the programme of study in Science for all pupils from Year 7 to Year 11. We build on knowledge from Key Stage 2 and prepare our students for life beyond St Monica’s.

Click here to view our Science curriculum overview.

Learning Journeys

Our learning journeys outline, in a visual format, the key knowledge that is shared with pupils in each year group. They provide a reference point for teaching and sharing knowledge in lessons.

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Knowledge Organisers

We use our Knowledge Organisers to reinforce key knowledge and key vocabulary in lessons and at home.

Click here to view our year 7 knowledge organisers.

Click here to view our year 8 knowledge organisers.

Click here to view our year 9 knowledge organisers.

Science Staff

Head of Science: Mr G Plunkett                      g.plunkett@stmonicas.co.uk

Second in Science: Mrs Harland                      n.harland@stmonicas.co.uk

Teacher of Science: Miss V Adams                  v.adams@stmonicas.co.uk

Teacher of Science: Mrs Sherlock                    n.sherlock@stmonicas.co.uk

Teacher of Science: Miss Hogan                      a.hogan@stmonicas.co.uk

Teacher of Science: Mr D Waind                     d.waind@stmonicas.co.uk

Teacher of Science: Mrs J Starr                       j.starr@stmonicas.co.uk

Teacher of Science: Mrs H Kearns                  h.kearns@stmonicas.co.uk

How Science Links to our PSHE programme

The teaching of Science is closely aligned to the Gospel values we hold as a school. We teach our pupils to respect the dignity of all life forms, to act with responsibility for the world around us, understand our social and moral responsibility for our planet and all its life forms. We balance scientific thinking with religious perspectives, particularly when exploring topics such as evolution. We encourage our students to be inquisitive learners but respectful of the views of others in their investigative work on this subject.

Key Stage 4 Outline and Rationale

Pupils in Year 10 and Year 11 follow the Edexcel Science specification. All pupils follow the Combined Science course. Our Triple Science course is very popular. Within our experienced team, we have a number of colleagues who are trained examiners for this specification. For further course information on Science please see the link below:

Science | Pearson qualifications

Useful websites

The following websites support our teaching of Science.






To find out more about the Science curriculum, please email g.plunkett@stmonicas.co.uk