Welcome to the History Department

We are a team of enthusiastic and hard-working History specialists. We aim to convey our passion for History to our pupils; developing in them a sense of awe and understanding of how the events of the past shape the present and the future. Pupils in History study a broad range of Historical periods and have the opportunity to debate, discuss and analyse the responsibility that we all have to create the modern world.

Curriculum Intent

History is the study of people over time. St Monica’s pupils will develop their historical knowledge and understanding of significant individual stories, ideas and events that have shaped our world. They will connect their knowledge and understanding to other subjects and current events in order to understand the relevance of past events in shaping the world they live in and promote social justice, tolerance and respect. As pupils develop their disciplinary knowledge they will reflect on how the past has been remembered by engaging with diverse opinions and consequences of events and decisions made in the past. Pupils will be challenged to question misconceptions of the past, their views on the world based on their knowledge and understanding of past events and reach informed conclusions on big questions.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum map below outlines the programme of study in History for all pupils from Year 7 to Year 11. We build on knowledge from Key Stage 2 and prepare our students for life beyond St Monica’s.

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Learning Journeys

Our learning journeys outline, in a visual format, the key knowledge that is shared with pupils in each year group. They provide a reference point for teaching and sharing knowledge in lessons.

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Knowledge Organisers

We use Knowledge Organisers widely across the department.

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History Staff

Head of History: Mrs J Flaherty                       j.flaherty@stmonicas.co.uk

Second in History: Mr T Myerson                   t.myerson@stmonicas.co.uk

Teacher of History: Miss B Duxbury               b.duxbury@stmonicas.co.uk

How History links to our PSHE programme

The History curriculum is underpinned by the values of equality, justice and respect. We explore many time periods which reflect societal attitudes and the consequences of mans’ actions. We encourage pupils to always consider both sides of an argument and to seek reason and the truth in all they do.

Key Stage 4 Outline and Rationale

We follow the AQA History Specification in Year 10 and Year 11. We are fortunate to have experienced examiners of this specification in our department who strengthen our subject knowledge of the course requirements.

Useful websites

AQA | Subjects | History

GCSE History – BBC Bitesize

To find out more about the History curriculum, please email j.flaherty@stmonicas.co.uk